Does it feel like you’ve been hearing about Julie Taymor and Bono’s musical Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark forever? Well, you’re not crazy because you have. It’s been on our radar for a while because of all the production problems they’ve had to deal with over the last year. All of that is now in the past and preview performances are scheduled to begin on November 28. For an early taste of the show, Vogue has posted several photos featuring the actors and characters in grandiose costumes in promotion of the big event…

The photos feature actors Reeve Carney who plays Peter Parker, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson, Patrick Page as the Green Goblin, Emmanuel Brown, who is a stunt double for Carney, Sean Samuels as Swiss Miss, and Collin Baja as Carnage. With the exception of Peter Parker, none of the characters we just listed will appear in the upcoming Marc Webb film version of the comic, not even Mary Jane.

Every photo is so emo, but so intriguing at the same time. The last time we saw an emo Peter Parker it was in Spider-Man 3 when he got a little too obsessed with the guy-liner and man-scara. It was horrible. Thankfully, it doesn’t look like they’re going that far here.

What do you think of the photos from Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark? Are you interested in seeing the production?