Fans of the CBS hit “The Big Bang Theory” can rejoice over this latest casting announcement. Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy Fowler on the show has been promoted to series regular. Now the sort-of, kind-of love interest for Jim Parson’s Sheldon can get more screen time with the rest of the geeky gang.

According to Deadline, Bialik is following in the footsteps of Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) who also got bumped up as a regular on the show. Bialik made her first appearance on “The Big Bang Theory” during season three and she’s been popping up here and there ever since. Just like Rauch’s deal, the actress will only have this status for the current season, and unlike the central stars of the show, her contract won’t call for her to appear in every episode.

This is one major step for the girl power movement. The show currently has four regular male actors, and with Kaley Cuoco, Rauch, and now Bialik as regulars the playing field is a little more even. Are you excited that Amy will be coming around more often or do you want her to stay as a recurring character?

What do you think of Bialik appearing as a regular this season?