Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I debuts in theaters this Friday, November 19, but apparently three days is too long for some people. According to Torrent Freak, a copy of the film has already leaked online and hundreds of thousands of people are already downloading it. This is a bad move for multiple reasons, including the fact that it might be a cover to bring viruses and trojans onto your computer.

This Harry Potter leak has to be one of the most undesirable of them all. Its predecessor Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was downloaded 8 million times, and it was a complete copy of the film. The Deathly Hallows torrent only has 36 minutes of the movie on it, therefore, what’s the point? Whoever put it on the web could have gotten the footage from a partial screener, which could actually act as a huge advertisement for the film and make more people want to go out and see it.

Besides it not being a full copy, some suspect that hackers are using the torrent as a front to attack your computer. “According to internet security firm PC Tools, websites are popping up in online searches offering a free download of the movie. What makes things more confusing than normal is that scammers posing as fans are posting comments and reviews to lure fans to the sites”

This is definitely one of those cases where you just shouldn’t download. It’s definitely not worth it. Don’t put your computer in danger and don’t half-ass a viewing experience of 36 minutes when you can get the full and real thing in a few days.

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