Gerard Butler is trying to get back into our good graces again by working on another comic book adaptation. According to Deadline, the actor has joined forces with director Antoine Fuqua to bring Afterburn, a Red 5 Comic title by Paul Ens and Scott Chitwood to the big screen. This could be a perfect combination or a disaster waiting to happen. Check out the details below…

Afterburn is a science fiction tale that takes place “a year after a solar flare burns half the surface of a planet, and treasure hunters return to retrieve what’s left of value.” The screenplay will be adapted by Matt Johnson who previously wrote Into the Blue. We’re not sure how we feel about that on his resume but everybody deserves a second chance. The rewrite will be performed by Christian Gudegast who penned the Vin Diesel flick, A Man Apart. We don’t know if that’s a lot better but its something.

Butler just wrapped production on Machine Gun Preacher and is looking for something that will appeal to fan boys everywhere. What greater way to do that than to combine the comic and sci-fi genres? It’s a win-win situation as long as the script doesn’t suck.

What do you think of Fuqua and Butler joining forces for Afterburn?