Damn it AMC, we thought you were better than this. The cable network that has brought us such amazing shows as “Mad Men,” “Breaking Bad,” and most recently “The Walking Dead” is turning its back on its four year winning streak of scripted dramas. According to THR, AMC has picked up a reality show, or as they call it “unscripted programming.”

The network is picking up a documentary series that centers on boxing trainer Freddie Roach and is set at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. Conveniently some of his clientele are some of boxing’s biggest names such as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. He also works with several actors including Mickey Rourke, who previously had a career as boxer in the nineties.

Like everything on AMC, you can’t take this show at face value. It looks like it will capitalize on famous fights and actors to gain viewers but there’s a serious story at the center of it all. “The project features Roach’s work with boxers as he struggles to ward off the creeping symptoms of Parkinson’s disease — an aliment possibly linked to his own days in the ring.” Yep, he’s also in the fight of his life.

For those of you who are worried about the influx of reality shows in television Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior vp programming says we can relax. “I can safely say that something resembling Jersey Shore will not be on the network,” he says.

What do you think of the premise for AMC’s new boxing show? Will you watch?