After months of hype, MTV has finally released the first teaser trailer for their small screen adaptation of “Teen Wolf.” It’s a television series that’s based on the popular eighties movie that starred Michael J. Fox as an adolescent who discovers he’s the descendant of a bunch of werewolves. Even though they have the same name this show will take a different approach to that Lycan legend, take a look…

Unlike the Teen Wolf movie, the main character Scott (Tyler Posey) doesn’t turn into a werewolf due to a family gene. Instead, he gets bitten by one, while walking in the woods (typical). We also never see him go full on werewolf like the ones in “True Blood.” He looks more like half-breed than anything, but don’t take our word for it, judge for yourself.

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There’s only one face throughout this entire trailer that looks vaguely familar to me and that Tyler Hoechlin, who plays Derek Hale. He had a regular stint on “7th Heaven” a few years ago and he also starred in Road to Perdition alongside Tom Hanks. Yep, he was the wide eyed little boy in that movie.

After watching this trailer, we learned a couple of things. On the show Scott doesn’t play basketball, he plays Lacrosse and there’s a group of renegade wolf hunters who’ve been going after his kind for centuries. This series looks more like “The Vampire Diaries” than “Teen Wolf,” is that a good thing?

What do you think of the teaser for Teen Wolf?