If you thought Jessica Alba was a hot pregnant mom, get a hold of this – this weekend SNL’s host Scarlett Johansson appeared on SNL for a “My Super Sweet 16 and Pregnant” skit which a parodied the shows “My Super Sweet 16″ and “16 and Pregnant.” In the skit, Johansson flaunted a huge pregnant belly while wearing a super short-and-sexy red dress and a huge tiara while delivering the line, “I’m rich. I’m beautiful and I’m fully dilated,” said Johansson.

Aw, to be rich, beautiful and fully dilated. Let’s MTV doesn’t get any ideas now…

Johansson also role-played as Bravo’s extravagant matchmaker Patti Stranger from “Millionaire Matchmaker.”

“Ok, every body shut up, what Goomba Jew are we helping this week… There’s no way I’m working with her, let’s go meet her right now. Candance is a wonderful girl with a lot of great qualities, who happens to look like a dump dog.”

This was Johansson’s third time hosting SNL. You can check out the entire episode on hulu.com. The lovely Anne Hathaway will be hosting SNL next (November 20) with Florence and the Machine as the musical guest.

Did you watch? What did you think?