This weekend we spoke with Julianne Hough about her role in her first film ever, Burlesque. While talking about working with classics such as Christina Aguilera and Cher, the topic of another classic came up, Footloose. For many of us the return to this iconic dance flick is a scary one, it was perfect in 1984, how it will be adapted to work now? Julianne only had wonderful things to say about the film, the director, the different styles of dancing and of course the star of the film Kenny Wormald.

She began by saying she just finished shooting a recent project, which of course we inquired what it was she just finished…

Julianne Hough: It was Footloose, which was wonderful. We just finished last week and it was great.

How did your experience differ going from working with Steve Antin (Burlesque) and Craig Brewer (Footloose)?

JH: I think the difference was that they both come from different worlds and Steve Antin is very elaborate and larger than life, and the beauty of things and the eye lashes had to be perfect and the hair, and whereas Craig Brewer he’s from Memphis, from the South, and he likes it to look a little dirty and a little rough around the edges and not so glamorous and put together and the hair has to be down right there, you know. He likes it a little rough. This, with Steven, I was so use to, and being perfect and on it, and the dancing and everything and this was more like relax Julianna, quit being so perfect. Relax into it, so it was more of a challenge and I loved that. The challenge is always fun for me.

The styles are very different between Footloose and Burlesque?

JH: Very different. There was like three different styles of dancing in Footloose that we did. The first one was kind of street dancing so there was like these great girls with big butts, booty shaking ‘em, like ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t do that at all. And I’m sitting there just saying, ‘Yeah.’ The next dance I felt really comfortable with, was when they were in the country club singing and we get to do the lion dancing. I felt like that was my favorite for sure. And then the finale dance was the dance scene at the end that everybody remembers. That was just free for all having fun.

How about your new dance partner Kenny Wormald, how was it working with him?

JH: Phenomenal, he is so great. Of course, his dancing is wonderful but I’m so excited to see were his career goes to because he is so natural and he is so real and what I love so much is that everybody is seeing the Twilight phase and all those mysterious European actors and there so sexy and Kenny is this All-American real dude from Boston. He’s an All-American dude. I’m so excited for that to come out again.

Seems like this is going to be happening whether we like it or not! They’re done shooting and the film is on its way to theaters April 1st 2011.

Are you excited to see the film?