On November 14, Leonardo DiCaprio and frequent collaborator Martin Scorsese took part in a Q&A presentation entitled, “Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese in Conversation.” The event was held at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California and was an hour long info-fest for members of the press and the American Cinematheque. While discussing their working relationship, DiCaprio revealed whether or not he would be interested in doing a musical, more specifically Scorsese’s Frank Sinatra film. And he also spoke about when production will begin on Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar Hoover biopic. Here’s what he had to say…

One of the questions posed to both DiCaprio and Scorsese was would they ever consider doing a full blown musical. With Sinatra constantly in the rumor mill, and DiCaprio in the running to play the performer, will the world finally hear the actor sing?

DiCaprio: “I don’t think I’m a very good singer. It would take some training for me to be quite honest but that’s what I do. That’s what I’m prepared to do as an actor, learn my best and try my best to accomplish what needs to be done for the role.”

So he acknowledges that he’s lacking in the musical department but he’s up for the challenge. It wasn’t a clear yes or no answer, but it was a typical “never say never” type of response. As for Hoover, which he’s already been confirmed for, DiCaprio says filming will begin early next year.

DiCaprio: “I will be working with Clint very soon on the Hoover project. I think it’s going to start very soon, maybe January or February.”

The moderator at the event went on to say that DiCaprio working with Eastwood was like him cheating on Scorsese, and the actor playfully confirmed, “Yes, infidelity is in place.”

Do you think DiCaprio would be good in a musical? Are you excited to see him star as Hoover?