And the studios thought the critics were tough! We asked for your reviews of Skyline and you sent them in and didn’t hole back on your opinions. We’re pussycats compared to some of the reviews our readers sent in. One of my favorite critics was “…it is as cynically dismissive of plot propulsion and character development as a porn film.” Ouch! Some of you got extremely creative in your reasons as to why the film didn’t work, possibly more inventive than the film!

If there’s one thing everyone seems to agree on it’s no on it’s that you hated the film. Find out why in our reviews sent in from audience members below…


Strange blue lights light up the Los Angeles sky early one morning. People who look directly at the lights are sucked into them, and disappear. Before long, unbelievably large spaceships descend through the clouds and a battle for human survival begins.

The audience experiences this entire alien invasion from the limited perspective of a few residents in one condo building in LA. Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson) are visiting from New York and they are staying with Terry (Donald Faison) who appears to be a big shot in the film business. Big enough for him to afford the lavish penthouse condominium that he welcomes Jarrod and Elaine into.

The day also happens to mark Terry’s birthday so the party he throws goes into the wee hours, during which both Jarrod and Elaine discover a few things about each other, and their friend. Early that morning, while everyone is still sleeping off the previous night’s excesses, the blue lights arrive.

Escape plans are made, people get killed, more escape attempts, more deaths, lots of shouting and screaming, and a lot of stuff gets destroyed.

- written in by Rony Dutta


Paul LaCroix has some major issues with the lack of originality within the film:

Skyline looked like it had enough substance to tide me over.  If substance is awesome effects, an easy on the eyes cast and giant monsters crushing buildings. Genre tropes and standards to be sure, but Skyline has so many lifts that this feels like a homage to just the past 15 years of Sci-Fi movies.  Some cinematic husbandry is liberally practiced with District-9 and Cloverfield, with an all star lineup of lifted visuals; the squiddies from the Matrix trilogy, the alien pilot suit in Independence Day, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, and even a Card or two from Magic: The Gathering (I wonder if the card Mindleech Mass was the basis for the movie).

Rony Dutta wrote a solid review for the film and summarized it perfectly…

Beyond the dazzling “first contact” sequences seen in the trailers, Skyline is a spasmodic and incoherent shambles hampered by an astoundingly stupid screenplay. Burdened also by unspeakably bad Syfy channel dialogue and dreadful acting, it culminates in a risible finish that, incredibly, seems to be setting up a sequel.

What Worked: The effects are of a high enough quality and Skyline features a few moments of nasty surprise, generated by a combination of sound and visual effects trickery.

What Didn’t: The film maintains a consistency of abysmal acting and direction from the moment we meet. Also it is as cynically dismissive of plot propulsion and character development as a porn film.

Special Effects Vs. Screenplay

Everyone else seemed to agree on the two things stated above, the film had good SFX and a bad screenplay…

What could of been a rather “different take’ on your typical “Alien invasion of Los Angeles film ” that being trapped in a high rise, and if you go out you will be taken by the alien’s, the film languishes into the mundane one third of the way through, yes the visual’s are very impressive for such a small budget and a relatively small production crew however nothing can redeem itself from the preposterous ending that takes us back to their earlier alien genre a la “Predator’s v.’s Alien’s” - Comment from Ian4020

It’s the worst screenplay of the year. It would be the worst movie of the year if not for the nifty special effects, even though tentacled aliens and beams of light are nothing really new… There is no plot; it’s just a series of events with no semblance of an explanation as to why anything is happening, and there are so many clichéd attempts at character arcs and development that lead nowhere.
- Comment from @c0up

Everything has been done before and to much better effect. The story and screenplay are poor, the effects aren’t the best and the whole film limps along at a snail’s pace. There’s a flashback sequence near the start which serves no other purpose than the studio execs trying to inject some tension into the piece which it fails to do. -  Comment from Waggy

Jack K. doesn’t think a screenplay was even used…

What this movie lacked in plot, it did not make up in acting. It searched for a storyline, leaving several half baked concepts in its wake. What it lacked in musical originality, it did not make up in human interest, with constant bickering of the cast arguing over the same lame escape plan. SFX good – could be the script was written around the SFX, or maybe there wasn’t a script. Overall, probably the worst movie I’ve seen maybe ever. Save your money, save your time… run and really, take their advice… don’t look

Only good thing written in…

Nice start & good tension building with the the invasion. Good SFX. The plot, if you could call it that, lacks any explanation as to the action and leads to a frustrating and ridiculous ending, obviously setting up a sequel ( they hope!!!). – Comment from TonyB

And that’s the best thing I can find!


  • I love this genre but this one’s a DISASTER – TonyB
  • If it had been a 15 minute short film with battle sequences, I would have probably been happier. - @c0up
  • If someone gives you the choice of watching this or watching paint dry, I’d choose the latter. - Waggy
  • My advice to those who haven’t seen it yet ………save your money on buying a movie ticket and buy it on DVD and watch on a sat afternoon… One and a half stars out of 5 -  Ian4020
  • Overall, if you are some kind of special-effects junkie, perhaps this movie is for you. Otherwise Skyline really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. – RonyDutta

Wow — anyone out there got ANYTHING good to say about the film?

Keep sending in your comments and we’ll add them to our review if they’re original and relevant!