The last time we checked, Todd Phillips‘ sequel The Hangover II was well into production, therefore imagine how surprised we were to discover that they’re still casting people. A few weeks ago, we learned that Liam Neeson would step in for a small cameo role, which made sense because he isn’t playing a substantial character, but now Paul Giamatti is joining the cast too. Is this a serious addition or another cameo?

According to Deadline, Giamatti will fly over to Thailand in a few weeks, where production is underway to film his scenes. Who is this guy supposed to be? We take it that this is either another cameo or a small supporting role. We see him as someone similar to the character of Mr. Chow that Ken Jeong played in the first film. He could be one of the many people they run into, while on their drunken bender.

Giamatti’s a pro when it comes to comedy, so it will be great to see him interact with the rest of the guys. We want to see what type of character he’ll bring to the table.

What do you think of Giamatti joining the cast of The Hangover II? Who do you think he’ll play?