Natalie Portman has never been one to stray away from controversial or uncomfortable subject matter. She played an assassin when she was 12 for goodness sake, it doesn’t get much worse than that. According to The Los Angeles Times, the actress is crossing over into the world of risque screenwriting with her next project entitled BYO, which is described as a “raunchy comedy.”

Portman and her writing partner/college friend Laura Moses have been shopping a script around Hollywood over the past 2 weeks. BYO, which stands for Bring Your Own, centers on “two very different twentysomething women who, after finding themselves unlucky in love, decide to throw a party to which each female attendee brings an eligible bachelor.” Some have called it a female version of the 2007 comedy Superbad.

Portman will play one of the lead characters, and word on the street says that Anne Hathaway is interested in playing the other. If that goes through, it would be an amazing combination. Both actresses are ridiculously talented, and it would be cool to see them in something as light as this. We’re more than interested in what this film has to offer.

What do you think of the premise for BYO? Who do you think could co-star besides Hathaway?