Next Friday the wait will finally be over. The end will begin at the opening of the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I. The wizard franchise has literally been 10 years in the making and we’ve seen its stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint grow from children to adults. Recently, the actors spoke out about their future plans and revealed whether or not they’d be interested in reprising their roles years down the line.

People have continued to question Potter creator/author JK Rowling about whether or not she’ll write more books. For the most part her responses have been pretty open. She’s never said never, which means more Potter books and films could still be in our future. But if that is the case we shouldn’t expect Radcliffe or Watson to be a part of them.

In an interview with Sky News, Radcliffe said that it was “very doubtful” that he would return for a future film. And when asked about the possibility of more Potter books he said, “Oh God, she promised me categorically that there wouldn’t be another book involving Harry.” We guess a decade is enough of Harry for him.

As for Watson, the actress and college student wants to explore her options. She said, “This was one role and it transformed the whole of my life. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is what’s going to make me happy. I want to be able to explore a few other things as well.”

There you go. Two of the main actors want to stretch their wings after playing the same roles for half of their lives. Can we really blame them?

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Source: CNN