**Reviews Posted – Keep sending in and commenting to have yours added!!!***

Calling all film buffs! We need your reviews for the new action, sci-fi thriller Skyline! For one reason or another (we’re trying not to judge) Universal decided NOT to screen the film for critics. Though this is often a bad sign we’re trying to remain positive (hell, they never screened Paranomal Activity for press and that one didn’t need us!), so we’re looking for YOUR reviews of the film to let us know if the film is any good! The photos, first look at Comic-Con and trailers were enough to impress us, but does the film follow through? Let us know!

If you’re seeing or have seen the film and would like to have your review published in our review round-up this Friday, send your reviews to tips@screencrave.com OR leave a brief review in the comments below. Make sure you give us a name that you want published with your story and a link if applicable!

Make sure to tell us what you think about the special effects (they should be great considering the directors did the special effects for Avatar, 300, Iron Man 2 and more), the story, and the film’s stars Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, David Zayas, Scottie Thompson, directors Colin & Greg Strause and anything else you find relevant!

Please submit reviews UNDER 400 words by Friday, November 12th, 11am (PST). Your reviews will be posted by noon. If you see it after that, feel free to send in your thoughts and we’ll try to add you after, but we can’t guarantee anything!

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