Based on the work of Danish environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg, Roadside Attractions presents Cool It, a documentary geared towards tempering the universal global warming frenzy. Directed by Ondi Timoner, the picture specifically targets Davis Guggenheim’s critically acclaimed box office hit, An Inconvenient Truth, and is set for a limited national release this weekend.

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The Plot:

Timoner shadows Mr. Lomborg while he interviews international scientists and environmental researchers on the subject of global climate change.

The Good:

  • Well-Made Doc: The film  is vastly informative, subjective without being suffocating, and (most importantly) it’s convincing.
  • Diplomatic Presentation: Cool It presents a more conservative approach to the issue of global warming, but doesn’t necessarily aim to correct or combat An Inconvenient Truth. Lomborg and the multiple scientists featured in the picture tactfully argue that A.I.T. generates unrealistic hysteria and ultimately exaggerates the magnitude of the global warming threat. That said, the filmmakers do an excellent job of voicing their alternative “position” on this matter without shredding Guggenheim’s film.
  • Solutions: Lomborg identifies global warming as an indisputable issue, but questions the massive amounts of money spent on fighting it – asserting that it hasn’t presented a solid solution. He proposes realistic methods on how the planet’s various governments should tackle global climate change, suggests we spend money on new energy resources, etc…

The Good/Bad:

  • Not For Everyone: Your party affiliation/position on the issue of global warming will most likely impact your opinion of the film.

The Bad:

  • Pacing: Very slooooow. Lombarg is spewing boat loads of information, which is great, and certainly supports his argument. But, after roughly 20 minutes of fact dropping and lecturing he starts to lose his audience.


As a whole, it’s a solid documentary. This film certainly isn’t for everyone – know what you’re getting into or don’t buy a ticket.

Rating: 6/10

The film is set for a limited nation-wide release Friday, November 12!

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Will you be seeing Cool It this weekend?