Tuesday night, Michael J. Fox returned to his home away from home — television. The Emmy Award winning actor made a guest appearance on the CBS drama “The Good Wife” where he went toe to toe with its star Julianna Margulies. In the episode entitled “Poisoned Pill,” Fox starred as Louis Canning, a swarmy lawyer who uses his “neurological condition” to sway a jury’s verdict. To say that the character hit home for him would be an understatement. Hear what critics are saying about Fox’s controversial performance…

For his appearance alone, “Poisoned Pill” was a winner. But the installment was especially unique, creative and interesting for actually giving Fox’s character a neurological disorder and having him exploit that in court. I can’t recall any scenario remotely similar to this on any other series. – [TV Fanatic]

In comes Michael J. Fox who brilliantly uses his Parkinsons’ disease as Louis Canning to divert attention from the case. He worms his way into the jury’s favor and spins his side of the case into a soap. Of course the only way to keep the jury’s attention is not with the science, which is boring, but by making the truth sexy. – [Daemon's TV]

After his performance on this episode, we wouldn’t be surprised if he received several award nominations. He went to a place that most actor’s aren’t willing to go. He brought his personal struggle into a fictitious storyline and exaggerated the hell out of it for the sake of entertainment, and he still somehow found a way to bring it back to center at the end.

What did you think of last night’s episode? What did you think of Fox’s performance?