Thursday, November 11th will mark the end of an era. Esteemed movie critic Gene Shalit will air his final review on NBC’s “The Today Show” after 40 years of service. According to THR, Shalit and his PR representative sent out an official statement regarding his departure saying, “It’s enough already.” Well, that was straight and to the point!

Shalit originally joined “The Today Show” back in 1970, where he started as a contributing correspondent before becoming a staple at the desk when he replaced Joe Garagiola in 1973. Since then, he’s been one of the few things that have remained the same in this ever changing industry.

During his final day on the show, they’ll run a retrospective of his work on the series, which includes reviews and interviews from various celebrities. At 84 years old, Shalit claims that just because he’s leaving “Today” it doesn’t mean that he’s stepping out of the workforce to retire. He stated that “he would pursue other activities, which include publishing, radio and commercials.”

The last time Shalit reviewed a film during his “Critic’s Corner” segment was back in May, when he review Shrek Forever After.

What do you think of Shalit’s decision to leave The Today Show? Were you a fan of his work?