This week on “Weeds,” Nancy has a one-on-one interview with Vaughn, previously known as “Ellis Tate.” Silas continues to grapple with the idea of Lars possibly being his father, and Doug returns to Agrestic to locate his passport. Will Andy, Shane and Warren be able to get more cash and the passports the family needs to leave the country? Find out in our review…

The Players:

  • Director: David Warren
  • Writers: Stephen Falk
  • Cast: Mary-Louise Parker, Justin Kirk, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould, Kevin Nealon, Richard Dreyfuss, Demian Bichir, Eric Lange, Rick Ravanello, Assaf Cohen, Guillermo Diaz

Episode: “Fran Tarkenton”

Doug returns to Agrestic to find that it’s now called “Regrestic” and his family wants nothing to do with him, Silas gets the paternity test back in the mail, seemingly assuring him that Lars is his real father, and Andy becomes obsessed with death after attempting to create fake photos of Hooman’s death.  The family gets both passports and plane tickets, and Nancy is confronted by Esteban and Guillermo when she returns to Vaughn’s hotel room.

The Good:

  • Warren’s Stolen Letters: Remember Warren’s locked room at the end of the hall that he forbade everyone from entering when the family first came to stay with him in Episode 10 “Dearborn Again“?  Well, tonight we found out what he was hiding there all along and it comes as a welcome surprise to the family!
  • Andy: He may not have been deceptive enough with the fake photos of Hooman’s death, but Andy’s rant to Nancy while she slept about how he wanted his ashes split in half to be thrown partly over peaceful places and partly spelt out in words and such was hilarious.
  • Nancy and Vaughn: They argue.  Nancy throws his camera against the wall, breaking it.  Vaughn yells a string of obscenities at her, calling her names and shoving her out of the hotel room.  All in all, his temper tantrum is laughable, especially when he turns around and pays her all of his money.

The Weird:

  • Doug: Doug goes back to Agrestic and needs the help of his old family to open the safe deposit box that holds his passport but because of the odd way he does it he ends up looking more like a stalker than a prior resident.

The Bad:

  • Esteban Finds Nancy: More trouble always finds them. Nancy returns to Vaughn’s hotel room only to find yet another problem waiting for her in the next episode. Things seem to be extremely formulaic at this point – but what can I say, at least they keep the excitment coming!


Despite the fact that everything got serious this week from Doug’s loneliness to Nancy’s terrifying encounter, there was still humor in the desperate situation the family is in.  Will Nancy be able to make the flight to Copenhagen with the rest of the family (and Warren)?

Rating: 8/10

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