The Planter’s peanut guy is getting a makeover with a little help from Robert Downey Jr. The Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes star has been tapped to voice the iconic character Mr. Peanut, who has spent most of his career silent. Kraft has recently released a holiday themed commercial that features Downey as the revamped spokesperson, and somehow even though he’s voicing animated food he’s still slightly sexy! How does he do it? Take a look…

This video is family friendly and has all the tradition that you would expect from Mr. Peanut but with the sass of Downey. It’s funny and clever, and most of all it makes the character appeal to younger generations without diminishing his history.

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Besides his new voice, Mr. Peanut has a new look. He’s traded in his barely there tan shell for a stitched blazer with a matching collar and tie. It looks like Mr. Peanut has been hanging around the Fantastic Mr. Fox crew. We don’t even like peanuts, but we’d love to go pick up a can right now.

What do you think of Downey as the new Mr. Peanut? Are you surprised that he took the job?