In theaters now is the action-packed, political, intelligent, thrill-ride of the fall, Fair Game, with Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. Director Doug Liman managed to break the boundaries of normal film-making and create something that not only entertains and informs audiences but also has an impact on their lives. This is one of those films that cannot be missed because it effects you, right now, today.

We here at ScreenCrave are huge fans of the film and despite it’s lack off box office success, this film deserves to be seen. As a special little treat Summit has sent over some exclusive footage from the film. So unless you’ve seen the film, check out some never seen before footage from the film…

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All great nations fall, but with the speed of media and film-making today we just get to actually watch it happen before our eyes! We all know that the stories we hear about secret operations, war and more importantly WMD are spun by the media and the government, but in this film you get to be on the inside of the story and watch reality twist around you.

And though this film is action-packed, what makes it so impressive is the inter-personal relationships and the way in which politics effect people.

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