Last week, we had one new movie on DVD. This week, we have almost more than we can handles with everything from the big comic blockbuster that is Grown Ups to the microscopic indie of Love Ranch and all Scott Pilgrims in between.

Plus, there’s plenty of classic TV hitting DVD shelves including complete box sets of two of your favorite series along with a current Showtime hit you may need to catch up on.

Check it out below…

Feature Films

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Grown Ups

When Date Night and Death at a Funeral came out on DVD, I grouped them as a means of bemoaning the fact that we’ve still yet to experience a “comedy of the year”.

In that column, I mentioned that Scott Pilgrim’s bombing meant that we were still wide open for the crown, and I posited that Due Date may be in line to take a Meet the Parents-like late season claim on the throne.

Well, that didn’t happen. And now we’re stuck with no real contender for the title of Comedy of the year.

Yes, Scott Pilgrim, may have been the best comedy film of the year and Grown Ups the highest-grossing, but do either of these films really feel like they should share a mantle with the likes of The Hangover or Meet the Parents.

I doubt it. So the search wears on. Here’s hoping Love and Other Drugs has what it takes.

Buy Grown Ups on DVD.

Buy Scott Pilgrim vs. The World on DVD.



“Californication”: Season 3

I have one question to ask about this show: Is it any good?

I was totally on board with the first season. Loved Duchovny’s performance, loved the seedy LA exposure, loved the overall attitude of the series. And the first season finale really seemed like they didn’t think they were coming back.

Now we’ve finished season 3 and nothing makes a whole lot of sense any more. It’s like the series devolved into a cruel parody of the initial season – giving us more drinking, more nudity, but nothing redeeming.

So again, I ask the question:

Is "Californication" a Good Show?

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If you’d like to see for yourself – you can buy Season 3 of Californication on DVD.

  • “Golden Girls”: 25th Anniversary Complete Collection – Buy Now
  • “Lie To Me”: Season 2 – Buy Now
  • “Mystery Science Theater 3000”: Vol. XIX – Buy Now
  • “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”: The Complete Series – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

Eric Roberts and Steve Austin? Doesn’t it seem like this is a collection of deleted scenes from The Expendables?

What DVD will you be picking up this week?