This week you can expect a pleasant surprise when you stumble across Roger Michell’s latest film, Morning Glory. While maneuvering your way through alien invasion flicks and movies about runaway freight trains, Morning Glory is a hilarious alternative with great performances and a sharp screenplay.

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The Players:

The Plot:

Becky (McAdams) is a workaholic whose dream is to executive produce a national morning show — specifically NBC’s “The Today Show.” A monkey wrench is thrown into her plans when she’s fired from her current job and forced to move in with her mother until she can get back on her feet. Luckily for her, a position opens up at the lowest rated morning show in the country called “Daybreak.” Despite her lack of experience, and the lack of respect she receives from the cast and crew, Becky makes it her business to make the show a success.

She finds a loophole in the contract of a legendary news anchor named Mike Pomeroy (Ford) that forces him to join “Daybreak” as a co-anchor. Her drive to push the sensational envelope and his style of no nonsense journalism make the two an unlikely pair. In other words, inappropriate jokes and hijinks ensue!

The Good:

  • The Humor: This film is legitimately funny. The banter between all of the characters is snarky but still fresh and clever.  For the first time, in a long time you’ll feel like you’re watching a genuine workplace comedy. Morning Glory has “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” written all over it with the only difference being words like “shit” and “pap smear” being said on camera.
  • The Set Design: The set up for “Daybreak” is supposed to mimic that of “The Today Show” and “Good Morning America” and it’s obvious. There’s a hardcore, low key newsroom, and a bright, over the top stage that features the on air talent. It’s a carbon copy.
  • Rachel McAdams: A lot of people consider The Notebook to be Rachel McAdams’ breakout movie, but she had to share the spotlight with two other guys there. In Morning Glory she does her fair share of sparring with Ford but the heart and soul of the film is Becky. She’s smart, quirky, relatable, and most importantly likable enough for audiences to enjoy the performance. McAdams does an amazing job.
  • The Tone: Judging from the trailer, Morning Glory looks somewhat goofy, but the movie does have its tender moments. It knows when to make you laugh and when to make you cry. There’s a time and a place for everything and Morning Glory is aware of that.

The Bad:

  • More Jeff Goldblum Please: I love dramatic Jeff Goldblum, and sci-fi action Jeff Goldblum, but comedic Jeff Goldblum has to be the best out of the bunch and he was nowhere to be seen in this movie. He dropped a couple of quips here and there but he was mostly the straight man against McAdam’s character.


Morning Glory is a really entertaining, refreshing, and funny workplace comedy that features A-list talent bringing their A-game. This is definitely worth your hard earned money this weekend.

Rating: 9/10

Morning Glory opens in theaters everywhere on November 10th.

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