Male viewers, you can stop mourning the departure of Olivia Wilde. Another beautiful young woman joins the cast of “House” in this week’s episode until Wilde returns. This week celebrates Election Day! Which is actually a week late, but oh well, at least they were thinking about it. In typical “House” fashion, we are faced with questions of morality and secrets among the team. Check out the review to see what we thought…

The Players:

  • Director: Sanford Bookstaver
  • Cast: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Omar Epps, Amber Tamblyn, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer, Jack Coleman

Episode Title: “Office Politics”

When the campaign manager for a New Jersey senator falls ill, he finds himself in the care of Dr. House and his team. Cuddy is upset that a replacement for Thirteen has yet to be found and assigns a brilliant med school student named Martha Masters to the position in an attempt to fill it permanently. Masters is dedicated to maintaining her ethical principles on the job, a trait which is at odds with House’s methods. Taub doesn’t seem to like her either and Chase and Foreman are curious to find out why.

The Good:

  • Ethical Dilemma: “House” is a show that doesn’t see morality in strictly black and white terms. It’s characters are often forced to make a choice between two options which will both have negative consequences. In this episode, House needs to decide whether he will lie to Cuddy to save his patient or be honest and let the man die. In the past he would have had no problem with this, but now that he’s dating Cuddy, it’s a trickier situation.
  • Amber Tamblyn: The producers of “House” have always known how to keep the men in their audience satisfied, first casting girl-next-door Jennifer Morrison in a major role, then introducing us to the sexy Olivia Wilde. Amber Tamblyn is cute as hell in the role of a genuine genius, and it looks like we can expect her to stick around a while.

The So-So:

  • Amber Tamblyn: Yeah, we know we already filed her under “Good,” but there are some things about her character that are a little irksome. She’s intimidated by House and comes off as far too timid. Granted, she explains that she’s not a people person and would rather just spend her time learning new things, but c’mon girl, you graduated from high school at fifteen and already have two doctorates. You should stand up for yourself (luckily, by the end of the episode, she does, so let’s hope it stays that way).
  • Basketball Game: To prove that he’s not old and out-of-shape, Taub challenges Foreman to a basketball game. It’s kind of fun to see these two characters go at it, but the scene looks like a Nike commercial from the 90s if it was directed by Zack Snyder.

The Bad:

  • The Patient: There’s no sense of urgency to the team’s mission this week. Their patient is in danger, sure, but he’s too busy playing the role of energetic and shrewd campaign manager to ever let us think that we actually have to worry about him. He doesn’t behave as though his life is truly at risk.
  • Slow-motion: A visual quirk in which a character turns around and walks away in slow-motion is overused in this episode. It feels like parts of it were directed by a giddy film student who just found the slow-mo effect on his editing software.
  • Taub and Masters: We spend the whole episode trying to figure out what Taub has against Masters and we’re all kind of hoping that it will be something juicy and dramatic. Well, let’s just say that the eventual revelation isn’t very satisfying. Way to tease us, guys.


This is pretty mediocre, as “House” episodes go. It does ask some interesting moral questions, but we never feel like all that much is at stake. Still, we look forward to seeing how newcomer Amber Tamblyn fares, and a cliffhanger involving House and Cuddy is sure to spark some drama down the road.

Rating: 6.5/10

“House” airs every Monday on FOX!

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