If you’re a fan of Lee Kirk and his previous work, which includes 2004′s The Women you’re in luck because he’s got a new project on the horizon called The Giant Mechanical Man. The title might sound a little crazy but it’s a comedy so its OK. The film features a variety of actors including “The Office’s” Jenna Fischer, plus Topher Grace, Chris Messina, and Watchmen’s Malin Akerman. Find out more about the film below…

The Giant Mechanical Man is an offbeat romantic comedy about two outsiders — a misunderstood street performer (Chris Messina) and the soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him. Akerman will play Fischer’s well-meaning sister who pushes her towards dating a pompous motivational speaker, played by Topher Grace.

This is a smaller comedy that’s being produced by Molly Hassell who says, “There are so many great projects out there which never make it to the silver screen. We’re thrilled that this indie film, which is a completely unique and interesting story gets to be told.”

Production on the film is scheduled to begin in Detroit later this month (November).

What do you think of the cast of The Giant Mechanical Man? Are you interested in seeing the film?