The final step in bringing The Toxic Avenger back to the big screen is almost complete. According to Deadline, a director has been hired to helm the film, which is being produced by Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin. Steve Pink will take on the gig and hopefully bring the cult character back to his former, campy glory.

The original film centered on a mutated hero named Toxie, who was previously known as Melvin, a gentle nerd who was a mop boy at the local health club. He was manipulated and preyed upon by a group of gym rats and eventually fell into a vat of toxic waste causing him to suffer a horrible mutation. Even though his face was no longer recognizable, Toxie gained new muscle tone and respect from females who used to ignore him. He then went on to become the beacon of New Jersey by combating polluters with his trusty mop.

If they don’t use this as a way to make fun of the “Jersey Shore” craze it will be such a missed opportunity. According to Pink, “The Toxic Avenger is exactly what the country–wait, that’s not big enough–what the world needs right now.” If he can take down one or two Snookies we agree with him completely.

What do you think of Pink directing The Toxic Avenger remake?