Olivia Wilde is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood at the moment thanks to her roles in the upcoming tentpoles Tron Legacy and Cowboys & Aliens. She’s been, busy, busy, and more busy this year, which explains her absence from her regular gig on the Fox medical drama “House.” Wilde recently spoke to the folks over at EW, and revealed that she does plan on returning to the show and Thirteen sooner than later.

The writers on “House” wrote Wilde an exit that allowed her to have some time off to shoot both films, while making a return possible. The actress said, “They have it all worked out and the viewers will find out where she went and why she left,” Wilde continued. “I think it is an interesting progression for her. Thirteen has been through a lot so it has to be escalated. She has Huntington’s. She had a brain tumor and went blind. She had a bad breakup. She’s sexually ambiguous. She had problems with drugs. I thought, `What else can (creator) David Shore possibly come up with?’”

She went on to say that they’re taking some really huge risks this year with the character and she’s excited about exploring them. She didn’t reveal her return date but she did confirm that she’ll be back this season and described it as “a done deal.”

Are you excited to see Wilde return to House? Did you miss Thirteen?