Legendary horror director John Carpenter has just agreed to sign on as the executive producer of the upcoming film The Hell Within, which will help this film go from the littler indie that could, to a possibly mainstream horror film. The announcement was just officially made today by Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller of Barry Films, the production company making the film.

Benito Mueller:

“We are very excited to have John Carpenter as a partner. Not only is he bringing great visibility to the project, he is also a great asset for director Dennison Ramalho to work with.”

Carpenter has most likely agreed to lend his name because he sees some potential in the upcoming horror-talent involved. Award-winning Brazilian, short film director Dennison Ramalho will be helming the way and scribe Jeff Buhler, who will be helping Ramalho develop his original idea for the big screen. Ramalho seems to be very exited about the chance to work with the director who in ways probably inspired him.

Dennison Ramalho: “John Carpenter re-wrote the landscape of horror with his seminal shape-shifting monster film THE THING, so I am obviously thrilled to have him on board. Our film has a similar component…”

The Hell Within is the story about”a woman who goes on a quest into the heart of a Brazilian jungle to save a girl, only to discover that the girl was just the bait.”

The film will be structured as a Brazilian/German co-production and will be filmed in the Amazon jungles of Brazil.

Sound like a winning horror film to you?