This week’s episode of “Fringe” is entitled “Amber 31422″ and it’s all about brotherly love and betrayal. Aaron and Shawn Ashmore guest star as twins who are trying to pull the wool over the Fringe Division’s eyes. We also see Olivia take her first serious step towards finding the truth about her past with the help of Ghost Peter. Check out what else happened in our review…

The Players:

  • Director: David Straiton
  • Writer: Josh Singer
  • Cast: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown

Episode Title: “Amber 31422 “

A bank robber is broken out of an amber prison by his twin brother who has assumed his identity for the past four years. While they’re avoiding the Fringe Division like the plague, Olivia discovers that the wrong brother was in incarcerated. Matthew, a husband and father tried to stop his criminal brother Joshua from robbing a bank one day and he ended up getting trapped in amber while Joshua escaped. Therefore, the wrong twin served time. Olivia agrees to participate in experiments conducted by Walternate, which leads her to discover the truth about where she really came from.

The Good:

  • Shawn and Aaron Ashmore: I honestly can’t remember the last time the Ashmore twins were in the same project together. It felt a little weird seeing Ice Man from X-Men and Jimmy Olsen from “Smallville” play a husband and father to 2 children. But other than that, they were amazing.
  • Thanks Walter: Thanks to all those creepy experiments Walter and William Bell conducted on Olivia as a child, she has a dormant chemical left in her brain, which may be the one thing that helps her regain her memories.
  • The Truth is Out: Finally, Olivia is realizing that she is in the wrong universe and she needs to go home! When she blatantly lied to Walternate’s face about what she saw when she went in the tank, it was a sign that she’s making progress.

The So-So:

  • Olivia the Pill Popper: Throughout the episode she continued to take pills to help her get rid of her Peter visions. After a while it got annoying and I wasn’t sure if I was watching “Fringe” or an episode of “House.” Same network but different characters.
  • Did Joshua Takeover EVERY part of Matthews Life?: In the storyline with the twins Joshua and Matthew, we discover that the two of them switched places after Joshua’s robbery went bust. Does that mean that Matthew’s poor children were under the impression that their uncle was their dad this whole time? And was Matthew’s wife in on it from the beginning? Wouldn’t the kids notice if their mother and father didn’t sleep in the same room anymore? They never explained that part of the story.

The Bad:

  • Too Early Too Soon: I felt that the revelation of the twins being in cahoots with each other was revealed a little too early. They could have let that stay hidden longer and then unveil it in a bigger way later on.
  • Peter the Conscience: It’s great that they’ve found a way to incorporate Peter into the story on the other side but his constant words of wisdom and random appearances are a little irritating. Hopefully after this episode, Ghost Peter will subside and Olivia will begin looking for the real deal.


This week’s episode was decent, but the pace could have been handled a little better. The high point was definitely when Olivia realized that she’s not who she thinks she is. Too bad we’ll once again have to wait another 2 weeks until we see some progression in her story because they keep bouncing back and forth between worlds for each episode. Can they integrate the plot already?

Rating: 7.5/10

“Fringe” airs on Fox Thursdays at 9 PM.

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