We saw this coming a mile away. The NBC spy drama “Undercovers,” which came from the mind of JJ Abrams has been canceled. The series has been on the receiving end of consistently low ratings and unfortunately it hasn’t been able to find its audience. Today the network announced their plans to pull the plug.

A couple weeks ago NBC picked up full season orders for every other new show on their roster except for “Undercovers” and the defunct “Outlaw.” At the time they decided to pick up a few additional scripts and that was about it. Episodes will continue to air up until December 1st, which will still leave 3 episodes without air dates.

The last episode of “Undercovers” brought in under 6 million viewers, which are more cable than broadcast numbers. The show starred “Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a pair of former spies drawn back into the world of espionage and out of their gig as event caterers.” It was sold mostly off of Abrams’ name and his resume, which consists of such hits as “Lost” and “Felicity.”

As one of the few people who did/do watch “Undercovers” this did not come as a surprise. The marketing for it isn’t the best, and the cliched married couple banter that we’re forced to endure each week is a bit unnerving. They never really found their footing, which is unfortunate because there was real potential there.

Are you surprised that NBC pulled the plug on Undercovers?

Source: HitFix