At the rate Mel Gibson’s career is going we’re not sure when his next movie The Beaver will hit theaters. It’s a dark comedy directed by Jodie Foster and co-stars Gibson as a man who uses a beaver puppet to communicate. The story was interesting and off the wall enough to get picked up by a studio, but because of the decline in the actor’s public appeal will it ever see the light of day?

The Beaver is a black comedy that centers on a man on the brink of a nervous breakdown, who only relates to other people via a beaver hand puppet. Gibson stars as the mentally disturbed character in question, Foster plays his supportive wife, and Anton Yelchin portrays their frustrated young son. For the majority of the film, Yelchin’s character tries to convince his mother to file for a divorce from his father.

This poster comes courtesy of Coming Soon who picked it up at this year’s American Film Market.

When will the film be released you ask? We have no idea. It’s been pushed back more than Joe Pesci’s hairline in Oliver Stone’s JFK.

What do you think of the first poster for The Beaver? Are you interested in seeing the film?