This week in theaters we have a new kind of superhero move hitting the big screen, Megamind — your friendly neighborhood villain! The film boosts some of the funniest voices in the business, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, David Cross, Jonah Hill and of course the only “real” superhero is voiced by Brad Pitt. The movie uses 3D in the way it was meant to be used and has plenty of jokes for kids and adults.

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The Plot:

Megamind the super villain of Metro City has defeated his arch nemesis Metro Man and has found himself with everything he’s ever dreamed of! Only to find out that having everything is rather boring. He tries to create another foe in the form of Titan, a young hero in training, but he ends up causing more problems than he solves. The film also features Fey as the female lead (the unconventional damsel in distress), a news reporter who’s keeping track of the hero-villain antics and in the end helps solve them.

The Good:

  • Original Idea: In a world where all superhero stories are made the same, Megamind is a twist on the usual conventions. It was refreshing to see some new ideas in a genre that seems to follow the same.
  • Voice-Over Cast: Sometimes having distinct voices takes away from a film, this time it added to it. Ferrell is like a chameleon with his voice and was able to use that to his advantage and create a number of entertaining characters while still keeping his signature Ferrell-ness; Tina Fey doing her reporter voice was perfect for the role; Jonah Hill and David Cross are both hysterical comedians whether you can see them or not; and finally Brad Pitt makes one damn good super-hero voice, which is cliched enough to fit in but also perfect for the twist that comes later.
  • The Message: As corny as it sounds it’s good to send out positive messages to young audiences. And following your heart and never letting the past define the future is always a good thing to implant in youngsters heads.
  • The Visuals: Normally 3D films are rather gimmicky but in this film they did a great job at fully utilizing the medium to its advantages. They didn’t over do the 3D but when they went for it, they went full force and certain scenes I would go as far as to say were actually beautifully made. It’s nice to see a kids-comedy paying attention to such details.

The Bad:

  • Lots of Plot: Although there are some good twists on the norm, there are a lot of plot lines and characters to keep track of, especially for the kids in the audience. Though the plots were not too hard for adults and older kids to follow the younger crowd seemed a little discontent. Since this was very obviously made it be a kids film it needs to keep their attention. And I can tell you from the wandering child in my aisle that by the second plot twist, they were done!


This is a fun film and great for the kids as long as they’re not under the age of 6ish (yeah, I don’t have kids so take that with a grain of salt).

Rating: 7/10

Megamind in theaters November 5th!

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