This week, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” returned with an all knew episode entitled, “Pasadena.” Surprisingly, the show has improved over its short hiatus and this installment was actually entertaining. There’s an attempted murder, the death of an unborn child, and of course a philandering Congressman is at the center of it all.

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The Players:

Episode Title “Pasadena”

Winters and Jaruszalski investigate the attempted murder of a restaurant manager named Rebecca Townley (“Lost’s” Rebecca Mader). The woman was 4 months pregnant when she was run over by a car not once, but twice. It turns out that Townley had a torrid affair with a local politician named Thomas Nelson (“The Big C’s John Benjamin Hickey) and their scorned spouses co-conspired to have Townley killed.

The Good:

  • Line of the Episode: Usually Stoll gets all the witty lines and Ulrich plays it straight but this week they shared the snarky material. Regarding Mrs. Yarborough’s lack of cooperation with the police Detective Winters said, “Mr. Yarborough your wife has been lying to us from the moment she opened the door. If you want us to arrest her for obstruction we can do that. Your friends and family can enjoy her mugshot in the morning along with their Wheaties.”
  • John Benjamin Hickey: Hickey appeared as Mr. Yarborough’s political buddy Thomas Nelson. The actor is a regular on the Showtime series “The Big C” where he plays a character who is “homeless by choice.” It was a shock to see him here wearing a suit and tie. Going from a bum to a Congressman, he was barely recognizable!
  • Morales/Price: I love these two together. They’re much more entertaining to watch than the Decker and Gardner combo. The first half of the episode the detectives were looking for evidence and then Morales and Price took over and got in on the action. Molina and Hall have great chemistry and are engaging to watch.

The So-So:

  • The John Edwards Scenario: Were they even trying to hide the fact that the whole Nelson story mimicked the situation of Senator John Edwards and his mistress/baby-mama? They even had Nelson’s wife be a cancer survivor who wrote a book about her struggle just like Elizabeth Edwards. Come one guys.
  • Baby Killers Don’t Walk: Sometimes these shows let criminals walk free or serve a reduced sentence if they help the prosecution but not this time. The judge wouldn’t go along with Morales’ plea even though Mrs. Nelson had cancer and was going to die in a few months. She did orchestrate the attempted murder of a woman, which caused the death of a child. Therefore, she’s going to spend her final days in prison. What a way to go out.

The Bad:

  • Bitter Much: While questioning Rebecca’s ex-husband, the detectives found out that her unborn child could have been another man’s because of her extramarital affair. When her ex said he didn’t know who the baby’s father was and that he didn’t care Jaruszalski leaned over to Winters and said, “Bitter much?” Um, yeah! If your spouse had an affair and a kid with someone else you’d be upset too. I’m not saying that warrants murder but his reaction was legit.
  • The Color Changing Car: When they interviewed the homeless guy on the street who saw Rebecca get hit by a car he said the vehicle was gray or black, but later in the show it was revealed to be tan. Maybe the homeless guy was drunk or out of it, but it felt weird that no one mentioned that color change beforehand.


There was some good tension in this week’s episode and I followed the story without being bored out of my mind. With the exception of a few unnecessary quips from Jaruszalski, the plot, the acting, and the pace were great. Hopefully, they’ll keep this up. Consistency is the key.

Rating: 9/10

“Law and Order: Los Angeles” airs Wednesdays at 10 pm on NBC.

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