A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Oscar winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow would make a guest appearance of the Fox hit “Glee.” At the time, not much known about who she’d play or what her character would do, but today we found out. She’s going to tell someone to F*ck off! You’re probably thinking to yourself,  “How are they going to do that on network TV?” Don’t worry, they’re going to alter the words to meet all broadcasting decency standards. The word will change but the intent will still be there.

According to EW, Paltrow will appear on the November 16th episode of the show where she’ll perform an edited rendition of Cee-Lo’s hit, “F*ck You,” which will be changed to “Forget You.” This decision has been confirmed by Fox, who are milking the actresses appearance for all its worth. Paltrow will no doubt use the show to promote her upcoming film Country Strong, where she also belts out more than her fair share of tunes.

It seems kind of weird that the producers would pick Cee-Lo’s song knowing they were going to have to change. Come on, it’s called “F*ck You!” That’s part of its appeal.

What do you think of Paltrow singing an altered version of “F*ck You on Glee?