Early this year (February to be exact) Disney announced plans to produce a Tron television series. It’s an animated spin-off of their upcoming theatrical release Tron Legacy that will air on one of their many cable networks. According to Variety, over the past 9 months they’ve nailed down a solid cast of actors to lend their voices to the series including Tron originator Bruce Boxleitner. Find out more…

The trade reports that Disney XD has ordered Tron Uprising, an animated series that’s expected to hit the small screen during the summer of 2012. The show will be produced by Charlie Bean (“Samurai Jack”), and Tron Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz as well as the film’s co-producer Justin Springer.

The show’s notable cast includes Elijah Wood, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Mandy Moore, Paul Reubens and Lance Henriksen. Not a bad group of people to have on board. The Disney XD network is a channel that’s directed towards young boys so Tron Uprising will fit right in with their programming.

Prior to Uprising Disney will also air a 10-part “Tron” microseries, which airs in fall 2011. With the movie opening this December, the mini-series, and the TV show, will you be all “Tron’d” out by 2012?

What do you think of the cast of Tron Uprising? Is it too much Tron too soon?