When you think of TCM Turner Classic Movies, what comes to mind? Most people think, “boring old people stuff,” which is partially true but not a fair assessment. TCM opens you up to another generation of movies and stars that you didn’t know existed. Believe or not, almost everything you see in theaters today has ripped off something that’s currently being played on the network. Instead of sitting through another Katherine Heigl romantic comedy, why don’t you just watch It Happened One Night with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable? It’s less contrived and a lot more interesting. That’s just one of the many reasons you should give TCM a chance. If that’s not enough, let me count the ways…

They’ve got Robert Osborne:

What other network has a host that introduces its programming? Maybe the Fox Movie Channel, but they don’t have the warmth and expertise of Robert Osborne. Not only is he a film historian who knows his stuff but he also has personal relationships with some of the actors and director’s TCM showcases. He’s like a rockstar for classic movie buffs. He makes each screening feel like an event!

Their “Private Screenings” Series:

TCM’s long running series “Private Screenings” features Osborne conducting a one on one interview with some of yesteryear’s biggest stars. There’s no studio audience, no commercial interruption, just Osborne, a fireplace, and Hollywood legends. Because of the trust and respect that comes with the TCM label, actors such as Charleston Heston, Anthony Quinn, Betty Hutton, Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, and everyone’s favorite Tony Curtis have opened up on the show without hesitation. What other channel would consistently give these veterans an hour of air time these days unless it surrounds their deaths? The stuff the actors reveal is pure gold and you learn so much about what went on behind closed doors. You’d be surprised by what they got away with — pre-TMZ.

They Put Classic Hollywood in the Spotlight:

Every month TCM highlights one actor as the “Star of the Month.” They write up a full profile on their website, and play all of their greatest works. Some of the stars have included Fredric March, Elizabeth Taylor, and Cary Grant. If you’ve always wanted to find out more about Hollywood’s legends this is where you start. You no longer have to feel ashamed about thinking Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was about someone losing their pet. During Elizabeth Taylor month, you can finally find out the truth!

Their Films Are Unedited and Commercial Free:

A lot of us own TiVos and DVRs because we want the ability to fast forward through commercials. That’s something you’ll never have to do on TCM. There are no heavy promotions for cars, food, or Axe body spray to ruin your viewing experience. Do you know what they show between programming instead? Trailers. They show old school trailers for films that YouTube just doesn’t have access to.

They Have an Amazing Website:

The TCM website is like crack cocaine for the cinephile. They have access to the American Film Institute’s library which includes every movie you can imagine. They also have their own guide called “Now Playing,” which you can order online, and has the channel’s month long schedule. TCM.com also has a fully interactive film community, a book corner, and a DVD section for essential films that have recently become available. If you have a classic film itch, the website helps you scratch it.

They Set the Standard:

TCM is like that old saying, “You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.” The network has access to silent movies, musicals, classic sci-fi films, shorts, and documentaries that revolutionized the medium. Right now, Hollywood is in a state of decline when it comes to quality. This is the time when TCM is needed most. Whenever you’re sick and tired of seeing horrible 3D, bad acting, and non-existent plots just turn to Turner Classic Movies. It reminds you, it wasn’t always this bad, and it can get better.