Eli Roth has such a good time scaring the sh*t out of people. He puts the most horrifying things on screen for the sake of entertainment and he does it with a smile. His last project The Last Exorcism, was a sleeper hit that he co-produced with Eric Newman, and guess what? They’re are at it again. According to Variety, they’ll join forces for a new project called Psycho Killer.

If the title Psycho Killer doesn’t make you think of a 1970s B-movie horror film we don’t know what will. The trade is reporting that Roth and Newman will both produce the project that centers on ” a nameless, masked murderer who leaves a trail of victims across the U.S. In a chance encounter on the plains of Nebraska, he kills a highway patrolman. The only witness, the patrolman’s young wife — also an officer — sets out to hunt the killer down.”

So this movie is about female empowerment? If his wife is the only person who can stop him she must be kick-ass, right? Roth and Newman can afford producing such niche features because they know how to cater to their audience. The Last Exorcism cost under $2 million to make and it grossed $41 million at the domestic box office. Everyone involved made more than their fair of money off that film and with Psycho Killer they want to do it again!

What do you think of Newman and Roth reuniting for Psycho Killer?