There are only two shows that I consistently watch on The CW and they’re “Nikita” and “Life Unexpected.” Everything else is either too soapy, too teeny bopper, or too unbelievable for me to get in to. A couple weeks ago several new shows including “Nikita” got picked up for a full season order but “Life Unexpected” wasn’t one of them. According to Deadline, The CW might be preparing audiences for the worst — cancellation.

“Life Unexpected” is in its second season and from the looks of things, its last. The network hasn’t ordered the rest of the season’s episodes, which means when the show goes on winter hiatus it might not come back. This will make for a short, 13 episode run and an uneventful way to go out. Apparently, “Life Unexpected” is the lowest rated series on The CW and they just aren’t willing to put more money into it.

They won’t give their final decision (to cancel or not to cancel) until May but the show’s writers are preparing for the worse. Therefore, if the last episode of this season turns out to be the series finale, they plan on giving us somewhat of a satisfying ending.

I’m at a cross roads with this decision because I really do love this show! It reminds be of the old school WB dramas that used to air 10 years ago like “Dawson’s Creek” and “Felicity.” It’s hard for something like “LUX” to stand out among sexed up teen shows like “Gossip Girl” or fantasy series like “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

This is really unfortunate news but I think the writers were trying too hard to compete with their network neighbors. There has been a lack of focus with the overall story this season. It’s hard to tell where everything is going. Lux’s inappropriate relationship with her teacher, Ryan’s adultery/pregnancy scare, and Cate’s constant lying is becoming over the top scary. Get back to that great season one writing please!

“Life Unexpected” currently airs on The CW Tuesday’s at 9 pm. Watch it!

Do you watch Life Unexpected? Do you think its fair that it might get cancelled?