Remember when MTV’s “The Real World” was a show about real people, who had real aspirations in life? We affectionately call that time the “real years” and one of the cast members on the show back then was Sean Duffy. He appeared on the sixth season entitled, “The Real World: Boston,” and he’s gone from a naive 20-something to a bonafide Congressman!

During Tuesday’s midterm elections Duffy won a house seat (as a Republican) representing his home state of Wisconsin. When he appeared on “The Real World” back in 1997, it was obvious that he was the more conservative one out of the group. He often butt heads with his free-spirited roommates because his ideals were a little different than everyone else’s. These days a former run on reality TV could ruin your credibility in a lot of ways, but apparently the people of Wisconsin couldn’t care less.

Duffy isn’t the only “Real World” alum to go into politics. During the show’s first season, Kevin Powell made it known from the very beginning that he was socially aware and politically conscious. He has run for office several times but unfortunately has never made it to Congress. Either way, to see these individuals step outside the box and do something besides more reality shows is an awesome reminder of what “The Real World” used to be all about.

What do you think of Duffy being elected to Congress? Did you see that coming?

Source: EW