Back in July we reported that “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” staple Marg Helgenberger had renewed her contract to stay with the flagship series. Now we’re hearing that the actress and her character Catherine Willows are on their way out! According to some recent statements the actress made, her run on the procedural drama may be coming to an end.

Helgenberger confirms that her recent contract renewal was only for one year, and she revealed that she can’t see herself working on “CSI” beyond this season. She went on to say, “I don’t … not much longer. Not much longer.” Just because she’s ready to walk away from the show it doesn’t mean that William Petersen will be back to replace her or Laurence Fishburne any time soon.

“If I were to put money on it, no. He would never come back on any kind of full-time way,” she said. “He might come back to do an episode or two towards the end of the entire run, but no. He was ready to go.”

It sounds like the actress has run her course on the show. It doesn’t seem as if she wants to leave out of boredom or material because she recently praised the current state of her character. ”I’m getting the opportunity to play different colors this season because I have a boyfriend on the show, played by Alex Carter. He’s been great. I’ve enjoyed it because it hasn’t been like all cerebral stuff. It’s been passionate. It’s been vulnerable. It’s been emotional. It’s been taking me to places that I don’t get to do on the show. That’s kept it fresh.”

If she does leave the show who could take her place? Or should they just cancel it and call it a day?

Source: EW