It hasn’t even been a year since the cancellation of the NBC fantasy series “Heroes” but one of its stars are already returning to the genre. According to Deadline, Milo Ventimiglia who played the main protagonist on the show (Peter Petrelli) has landed a gig starring in another comic based series developed for the network called Rest. Ventimiglia, plus NBC, plus comic books? We think we know how this one will end…

Not only will Ventimiglia star in Rest but he’ll also serve as one of its executive producers. The show is based on a comic book of the same name that Ventimiglia co-created. Rest centers on “John Barret, a normal twentysomething guy in New York City who spends every waking hour working. He enrolls in a testing program for a drug that eliminates the need of sleep and soon becomes addicted to it, which helps him accomplish more but also leads to serious consequences.”

We’re pretty sure that we’ve seen and heard that premise appear on multiple shows and in multiple movies in the past. But somehow, it still ended up with a script commitment from film/TV/Broadway producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron (Footloose, “Drop Dead Diva”).

Ventimiglia does have a young look but even when he was on “Heroes” we felt he should act more his age. He’s in his thirties now, leave the twentysomething stories behind. Also, the fact that NBC is behind this production doesn’t exude any favor from us. We know what they do when they get their hands on good, fantastical material. They ruin it.

Are you interested in watching Rest? Have you read the comic?