This week on “Weeds,” Nancy runs into more ghosts from her past while finding information about the mysterious Ellis Tate who has been following the family.  Andy meets unforeseen challenges in buying fake passports, and Doug has to find his own passport.  Silas hangs out with Lars, his suspected father, while Warren freaks out and Shane must babysit him.

Will the family be able to leave the country before they must encounter Ellis Tate?  Find out in our review…

The Players:

Episode: “Viking Pride”

Warren wants Nancy to stay with him, but his hopes are crushed when Shane tells him he’s leaving.  Silas tells Lars that he suspects he is Lars’ son.  Doug leaves to get his own passport when he finds out that Nancy and Andy aren’t getting him one.  Andy is promised passports for the family if he kills their only customer, Hooman.

The Good:

  • Warren Schiff: Warren freaks out after Shane tells him that Nancy (and the rest of the family) are leaving and never coming back. Then he drinks some of Andy’s “special drink” by accident, and gets energetic, hysterical, and loopy. It added some much needed humor to the show and yet another way of getting high.
  • Hooman Jaka: Hooman appears to be more than just the “special drink” buyer and club runner that demands drugs that are “up, not down,” and emphasizes his hip vocabulary when Nancy gets tired of his womanizing and Andy informs him that his father-in-law-to-be wants him killed. Nancy asks him why he is always putting women down, and his reply: “because you guys scare the shit out of us.”

The Weird:

  • Nancy talks to Ellis Tate: Nancy goes from spraying him in the eyes with pepper spray to believing him when he tells her that he is a journalist doing a story about her. She even begins telling part of her story on a tape recorder. It seemed unrealistic that she would spill that much so fast.
  • Popsicle Pat: How many more characters have we not met? It feels as if they’re just coming up with ideas that have no real rellevence to the show. Though it was fun to watch Nancy runs into “Popsicle Pat” Patricia, who blames Nancy’s ridicule of her in high school for ruining her relationship with her parents and causing her to get herpes, it seemed a little out of place.

The Quotable:

  • Andy: “if I may, fuck Jaka” and “…could you Mapquest it for me? Uh, okay, I’ll just leave a little early.”
  • Warren, remembering Ellis Tate: “Oh no, she was a fat girl. I remember she was good at geometry…and lunch.”
  • Nancy: “Do we need more money?” Andy: “No, we need Shane. We have to kill somebody.”
  • Lars: “Mother of shit.” Silas: “Yeah, that pretty much covers it.”
  • Andy: “I’ve been sent here to kill you.” Hooman: “Bill me? Nah, I already paid.”


Nancy shows her strength, Shane his honesty, Silas his courage, and Warren…his love for Nancy and lack of sanity.  Will the Botwins finally pull everything together, or will they stay with Warren longer?

Rating: 8/10

“Weeds” airs every Monday at 10pm and 11pm on Showtime.

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