TBS’s marketing campaign for their new late night show, “Conan” is at a fever pitch. After months of viral ads, television ads, magazine and newspaper ads they’ve come out with one more last ditch effort to promote the show. It’s called “Conan O’Brien Presents: Show Zero” and it gives us a little peek of what we can expect when the real deal premieres next week. Check it out…

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Does this show look like it was made with 5 dollars and a 24 pack of Coca Cola? Yes, it does but at least they’re trying here. It’s supposed to be the fastest talk show ever and everything has to be done with lightening speed. Who has time for a real studio audience and a sound stage? Hand him a conference room, a desk, and Andy Richter and Conan’s good.

They get kudos for getting Jim Parsons to literally step in the scene and step out while promoting “The Big Bang Theory.” And Steel Train’s cameo isn’t too shabby either. We dug it.

“Conan” will premiere on November 8th at 11 pm on TBS.

What do you think of Show Zero? Will you tune in to the premiere of Conan?