It’s been several weeks since we’ve seen any new footage from the sci-fi series “Fringe” thanks to the baseball coverage the network has been shoving down our throats. After a three week hiatus, we’re finally going to find out what happened after Peter and Alt-Olivia did the horizontal mambo, while the real Olivia was on the other side being brainwashed by Walternate. After four episodes we’re hoping that the season will shake all the fakeness and finally get down to the truth! Watch a sneak peek below…

This week, “Fringe” will return and over at EW they’ve posted an exclusive video sneak peek at the episode’s events. If you’ve been following the show closely you know that Walternate has been keeping Olivia in his reality because he wants to study her. Somehow she’s able to transfer between both worlds without dying or suffering any horrible deformation.

How do we know Olivia is talking to Peter on the phone? It seems like she’s dreaming in that scene. It would be almost too easy for that to work. At least we know that the storylines of both worlds are starting to mesh because the bouncing back and forth was getting exhausting.

Are you excited to see this week’s episode of Fringe? What do you think will happen?