After the release of 6 posters today you’d think that Disney would give the Tron Legacy marketing a rest, but nope, there’s more. Over at MSN, a new clip from the film has debuted and it features Sam and Kevin Flynn having a long overdue reunion. You can tell it was edited down so it wouldn’t give away all the key moments of the scene but its something you should still check out. Take a look…

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At this point in the film, we think it’s fair to say that Kevin has gone a little crazy. The man has been living in the world of Tron for over 25 years, finally sees his son after all this time, and the only thing he can say is we’ll talk later? Come on man! We can’t really blame him because he looks doped up or in a trance-like state. Something’s up.

You can also tell that from the point Sam and Kevin hug to the part where he walks away that more went on. Oh, the magic of commercialized editing.

Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17th.

What do you think of the new clip from Tron Legacy?