The first photos of Jessica Alba on the set of Robert Rodriguez‘ fourth installment of the Spy Kids series, All the Time in The World have surfaced online. After looking at these photos we’ve noticed that the actress looks vaguely familiar. She’s sporting a tight, black cat-suit that almost looks exactly like the costume Scarlett Johansson wore as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Coincidence? If that doesn’t shake you, we’ve also found several photos of the original spy kids Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara working with her on set. Get ready, it’s time to feel old. Take a look…

In All the Time in the World, Alba plays a retired spy named Marissa Cortez Wilson, who has been reactivated. She’s the mother of a baby and two preteen step-children who get pulled into a web of intrigue when she’s called for duty. The former “spy kids” Vega and Sabara are no longer children and don’t fit the bill but they do return as Carmen and Juni Cortez. We’re assuming their related to Marissa.

In the above photos it looks like Alba’s about to go fight Whip Lash in Iron Man 2. We can’t get over the similarities between the outfits. Besides that glaring issue, it’s hard to believe how much Vega and Sabara have grown! It truly is the end of an era.

What do you think of Alba’s outfit for Spy Kids 4? Do you see the similarities?

Source: WWTDD