There’s only one new feature film coming out on DVD this week, but it’s a big one. In fact, it’s the biggest movie of the year so far. Yep, Toy Story 3 hits shelves, officially rendering your Ultimate Toy Box set of the first two obsolete. Plus, there’s a host of TV on DVD including some major HBO releases and a complete set from the guy who made “Glee.”

Check it out below…

Feature Films

Toy Story 3

In a year where movies have just been one disappointment after another with every weekend dominated by crap and crap the sequel, we’ve all inevitably had this thought: “What was the best movie I saw this year?”

Immediately thoughts turn to things like Inception and The Social Network. Maybe you’ll go indie with Winter’s Bone or funny with Kick-Ass, but none of those really seem like a “best” movie.

Then it hits you – “Oh, I guess it was Toy Story 3!”

Immediately, something makes you want to retract from that thought. How can Pixar keep coming out with the best movie every year? Why is my favorite movie every year always a cartoon? Seriously, Wall-E, Up, and now this? What am I 11?

I say, drop your insecurity. Toy Story 3 is the best movie so far this year. Don’t pretend that Inception makes you an intellectual, don’t think The Kids Are All Right makes you cool. Do what’s right and admit to yourself, and others, that you really did think Toy Story 3 is the best movie of 2010.

…at least until True Grit comes out.

And hey, you can also buy Toy Story 3 on DVD!


“The Larry Sanders Show”: The Complete Series & “The Pacific”

It’s very interesting that these two series come out on DVD on the exact same day, because they represent somewhat of a bookend for HBO.

When “Larry Sanders” premiered, HBO was a relative newcomer to being a great television network. They still seemed edgy, if you watched them you were into something nobody else really new about, and cable was still doubted by skeptics.

The “The Sopranos” came around and HBO absolutely dominated the “good TV” discussion for a decade.

However, once “The Sopranos” and “The Wire”, et. al. left HBO’s dominance was called into question. Suddenly we were in the middle of a lot of “John From Cincinattis” and “Tell Me You Love Mes” and the network seemed lost.

Even when they gave us a solid few seasons of “Entourage, “they’d follow with stinkers like the last few seasons of “Entourage.”

This all seemed like it would end with “The Pacific.” After all, this was from the same people that brought us the HBO stalwart “Band of Brothers” and the network dumped $100 million into its development and production.

Then it came out, and everybody was a disappointed: The multiple characters left us a bit detached, the schizophrenic storytelling seemed unfocused, and it just didn’t make the connection it should have.

In other words, there was a lot of hype, but HBO’s huge ambitions just made it seem like an overblown mess. It was like the promise of “Larry Sanders” with the delivery of all those high-budgeted yet underwhelming projects we’ve seen from HBO recently.

So if you’d like to enjoy both sides of the HBO dynasty:

Buy the complete “The Larry Sanders Show”

Buy the complete “The Pacific”

  • “Beverly Hills: 90210”: Season 10 – Buy Now
  • “The Facts of Life”: Season 5 – Buy Now
  • “Nip/Tuck”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • “Mad About You”: Season 5 – Buy Now
  • “V”: Season 1 – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…

Look at that cast! Shouldn’t we have heard of this movie?

Oh, maybe it’s because there’s an argument on the Amazon Product Page over whether or not it’s a real movie or just a compilation short films hastily thrown together.


What DVD will you be picking up this week?