This past week, CBS and “Hawaii Five-O” paid tribute to the original Danny “Danno” Williams aka James MacArthur who recently passed away. It was a nice touch and sweet of them to bring his presence back to the show if only for a moment. Now another famous character who appeared on the original series is returning to the fold — Wo Fat. He was the one villain McGarrett just couldn’t shake, and now he’s back in the form of Mark Dacascos!

If you’re not familiar with Wo Fat here’s a little background. He was the arch-nemesis to Steve McGarrett. Think of him as The Joker to his Batman. The character was a communist and a red Chinese intelligence officer who appeared in 11 episodes over the course of the show’s 12 seasons including the pilot and the finale. Fat was portrayed by Khigh Dheigh.

The producers of the new “Hawaii Five-O” have decided to stick with tradition and bring Fat on board the remake with Dacascos. The actor is perfect for the part because not only is he of Chinese decent, but he studied the language and culture in college. It also doesn’t hurt that the actor was born and raised in Hawaii. How perfect can this casting get?

If Dacascos looks a little familiar it’s probably because of his stint as the host of “Iron Chef,” his run on “Dancing with the Stars,” or his many TV and B-movie appearances (i.e. “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven” and Double Dragon).

What do you think of Dacascos landing the role of Wo Fat on Hawaii Five-O?

Source: Zap2it