Charlie Sheen has once again found himself in the middle of some negative press thanks to his behind the scenes antics. He’s currently going through some personal drama, but still has his TV show “Two and a Half Men” to keep him warm at night. Unfortunately, any semblance of his once fledgling film career has vanished and at times like these there’s only one person to call, Todd Phill — Sylvester Stallone!

According to What is Playing, Sheen may be up for a role in Stallone’s follow up to the summer smash, The Expendables. The sequel will feature several new faces and there’s a good chance that Sheen might be one of them. Apparently Stallone and Sheen became close buds after Sheen played a parody of his character Rambo in the comedy Hot Shots: Part Deux.

Sources claim that Sheen might be up for the role of “a washed-up-but-useful CIA type” who’s on the hunt for Bruce Willis‘ character Mr. Church. This begs the question, has Mr. Church gone rogue? In the first film it seemed as if he was one of the good guys. Maybe he has his own agenda in The Expendables 2?

Do you think Sheen would be a good fit for The Expendables?

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