Are you a fan of the USA Network summer series “White Collar“? If so, you know a thing or two about about the dark haired, blue eyed Matt Bomer. The actor literally came out of nowhere to land the lead on the show and now he’s using it to jump start his film career. According to Deadline, Bomer along with British import Alex Pettyfer are the latest actors to join the Andrew Niccol film Now (formerly titled Im. Mortal).

The story for the film takes place in a future society where people can’t age and can only stay alive as long as they pay. Amanda Seyfried is playing the role of a woman kidnapped by a man whose time has expired so he goes on the run, taking her with him. Justin Timberlake plays the kidnapper named Will Salas, while Cillian Murphy stars as an officer from an organization known as the Timekeepers and he’s described as “precise as the time he keeps.”

The cast also includes Olivia Wilde in the role of Timberlake’s mother and Vincent Kartheiser as Seyfried’s father. The roles for Bomer and Pettyfer haven’t been revealed just yet, but we do know that both actors have joined the cast.

Who do you think Bomer and Pettyfer will play?