Now that the prison break of the previous two episodes has been taken care of, the “CSI: Miami” team is back on the streets solving regular crimes. But nothing’s ever ordinary about CSI’s regular crimes, and this one is a doozy: a sleepwalker who may have murdered a man while dreaming – or maybe not. For a full breakdown of the shifting kaleidoscope of suspects that followed, read on…

The Players:

  • Director: Sam Hill
  • Written By: Brian Davidson
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “Sleepless in Miami”

The episode starts with a man in a bathroom; he gets attacked by some psycho, who he stabs in a psychedelic, confusing and sequence. He then wakes up surrounded by the CSI team and realizes he’s just uncovered the dead body of the crazed man he saw in his dream. He has no idea why he called the CSIs in, who the dead man is, or how he got there – although he does remember that his own name is Jason Reger. The corpse discovered turns out to be headless; Jason remembers two other dreams, and takes the techs to where the torso and hands are buried.  Natalia takes a dislike to the dreamer, thinking he’s faking it; meanwhile, the techs figure out the identity of the corpse, a man named Brandon.

Horatio learns that Brandon’s wife recently withdrew $50 K; when confronted, she admits that she used the money to pay for her psychic – Elena, of course. Natalia goes undercover as a client to see what Elena does; however, Elena figures it out, drugs her with a candle, and kidnaps her. When the team catches up with Natalia, she’s in an insane, hallucinogenic state and needs to be tackled down. When they talk to Jason, he says that Elena drugged him the same way and that she made him chop up the already-dead body.  hen the team captures Elena, she says that she was hired by Brandon’s wife to kill him psychically and that’s exactly what she did. The team figures out Brandon was secretly poisoned, and when they confront the wife, it turns out her boyfriend was the one who killed Brandon; he runs into the street and is hit by a truck.

The Good:

  • It Was All a Dream: The opener of this episode may be the best (or at least the most visually-striking) in “CSI: Miami’s” history. The mindbending effects – sudden changes in gravity, dreams within dreams, psychos appearing out of bathtubs – give off a definite Inception vibe but manage to retain a uniquely creepy flavor all their own. A great way to start a Halloween episode.
  • Nobel-Prize Worthy?: This is the first CSI in a long, long time that contains virtually none of the usual terrible science. The godlike computer isn’t even used, there’s no unnecessary CGI, and the most complicated things done in the lab are checking for fingerprints and puncture wounds. There’s good, solid detective work tracking down leads and interviewing suspects, a refreshing change of pace to say the least.
  • A Real Whodunit: Speaking of detective work, plenty of it was required in this episode where suspicion was constantly changing and fingers were pointed everywhere. Just keeping up with the flow was pretty frantic work, since every time you thought you had figured it out they threw another curveball at you. Obviousness is the worst fault of any mystery, so it’s good that this episode kept us guessing right up until the end.

The Bad:

  • Give it a Rest, Natalia: Natalia managed to be incredibly annoying over the entire course of this episode, first as an obnoxious disbeliever and then as a wildly-overreacting, totally-hamming-it-up druggie. Sure, cheesy acting is a staple of “CSI: Miami,” but you can take it too far.

The Quotable:

  • “Maybe it was just a dream.”  “Jason, the dream is over.” “YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!”
  • “Did you check him for the SHH SHH SHH – wacky tobaccy?”
  • ” I hear you’ve got hands for me!” “I was a little late, so they got extra-crispy.”
  • “Nothing natural about a body in four pieces.”
  • “It’s called life… with Stacy, Peter.”
  • “I like to record my sessions, for reference only.”  “That’s funny, so do we.”
  • “I’ve got my gun pointed at two cops, I murdered him so we could be together.” “…Peter did this on his own.”


An excellent episode, filled with numerous plot twists and some truly amazing visual sequences. Some fun banter, an amusing closing scene, and tense action really pulled it all together, and made it an episode worth watching. Now, if Natalia could just be a little more likable…

Rating: 9/10

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